The office is not physically manned by hosts until the afternoon.  So the following hours apply:

3:00 PM to 8:00 PM for all new guest check ins and existing guest services. (As to not desturb other campground guests, there will be NO late check-ins for RV's) 


Drop-in visitors acquiring to make a reservation may call our office number.


Hosts always have the office phone in their possession, so in case of emergency please call the office number for immediate assistance OR look for hosts that are physically working on the property.


Office phone number:






We are located 1.5 miles EAST of the town of Custer on Highway 16A (Mt Rushmore Rd)  Drive as if you were headed into Custer State park and were located on top of the hill. 






ALERT NOTICE: We would like to bring awareness to the tree disease situation from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture.  Firewood can contain invasive insects and diseases that can kill trees.  We ask that you please do not bring your own firewood across state lines.  We appreciate your help in the prevention of tree disease.  Firewood which has been harvested locally is available for sale here at the Roost Resort.